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Do not compact. How to combat overconsolidated soil

Compacted soil is like a tightly compressed sponge - there is no place for air and water. Sugar beets and corn, as well as crops with a core root system, are especially sensitive to overplated soils: sunflower, peas, soybeans, rapeseed

What will be the digital future of agriculture in Russia

About how digital technologies penetrate the agricultural industry of Russia and what it will lead to

Why agrotech can become a promising investment idea

Why agrotech can become a promising investment idea

The digital future of Baigora

Where is the innovation center of the most modern digital agriculture? I'm sure even intellectuals from the game ``What? Where? When?`` would not answer this question

``Diary of the Agronomist``

Having won the competition ``Agrobiotechnology-2015`` held by the Skolkovo Innovation Center in 2015, the company developed, and almost three years ago introduced the digital program ``Diary of the Agronomist``

No crop pressure

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